Sunday, 1 July 2012

A long few days

I am back from visiting my Dad in hospital.  It's hard being miles away from a loved one when they are ill.  My Dad managed to puncture his lung a few months ago and he thinks he did it falling out of a tree.  You see my Dad is a jack of all trades and likes to do things himself so when he decided to remove a tree from his garden naturally he was going to do it himself.  He climbed said tree and proceeded to fall out of it.  Thinking nothing of a knock he continued with the job and chopped down the tree.  A few months later he ended up at the hospital where a chest xray discovered a lot of fluid on his lung.  So the puncture was discovered however the hole was tricky to track down.  Drains and two ops later and he's no better so he's facing a major op which is a scary prospect but very much needed if he is to have any quality of life.  His latest op resulted in 3 1/2 litres of fluid being drained - it's no wonder he was breathless carrying that amount of fluid around and only having one fully functioning lung.

Fingers crossed he's sorted soon so he can get back to normal however hopefully he'll realise that at 72 years old he should be more selective about the activities he chooses to do!  He's very fit for his age so I'm hopeful things will work out well. 

I am continuing to write and it is helping me to not spend all my time worrying about Dad. 

Anastasia is also very poorly as she suffers badly with haemophilia.  'Anastasia Romanov - Private Detective' found her seriously ill and in hospital which resonates for obvious reasons.  It has started to feel that my stories are coming to life with my father being ill now and also when Amy was ill on holiday.  It does give a new dimension to my writing having first hand experience of waiting and worrying about a loved one.

The recent free ebook promotions are now finished.  The free ebooks were: 'Anastasia and the Pony Smugglers'; 'Anastasia and the Puppy Farm'; Anastasia and the Curse of the Romanov's'; and 'Anastasia and the Yellow Riband'.  I chose two from Series I, one from Series II and the first book from Series III, the latter being aimed at the teen or young adult market.  I look forward to hearing what people thought of the stories and it would be great to read reviews.  If you enjoyed the stories then please share by posting a review :)

I am currently working on 'Anastasia and the Three Wise Men' which is very exciting especially as in this book a discovery is made!  America does have a Royal Family which has been kept from public knowledge for seventy years but the truth will out very soon.  There are some world famous people in this next story and it would be interesting to find out what they make of the story once it is published. 

So while it feels like fiction is becoming reality lately I am looking forward to sharing one of the biggest cover ups if all time with you all.  Watch out Mr Obama - there may be a new King in town! 

Here's to my Dad and Anastasia making full recoveries so their journeys can continue.  Watch out world... 

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