Wednesday, 27 November 2013

My message of goodwill

I am so pleased to share the latest Larry the Liger story with you all.  Larry the Liger - the Winter Surprise is now ready for download from Amazon. 

This book is a joy to share because it was mostly written after a spell of serious, writer's block.  I began to write it a few months ago but then something halted me and I could not write... at all.  It was one of the most frustrating periods of my life because I knew I could do it but nothing would come... not one, single word.

So I sat back and allowed being a mum, and also my rehearsals for the local pantomime with New Wickham Court Players, to distract me from it and I would even avoid turning on my laptop because the sight of it annoyed me so much. 

In the last few weeks something changed and I felt the words bubbling up inside me desperate to escape so I gave the laptop a warning look and took up my usual writing position.  I began to type and I could not stop.  I had to of course because I have two, young children to look after but whenever I could I would get back to the story and not for one minute did I even have to really think about the way the story was going to go because it just did... go!

When I finally finished the story I knew it was a good one.  Yes I am entitled to say that because the story literally came out of me and I do wonder if there is an angel somewhere very pleased they got me to write it for them!

So what will you think of The Winter Surprise?  Well the only way to find out is to read it and I am pretty certain it will warm your cockles and bring a smile to even the meanest person out there.

The Winter Surprise is all about Larry facing the changes the winter period brings for the other animals.  He faces a period where potentially he will have no one to play with.  Even the school is closed.  One of Larry's friends decides that something must be done to cheer their sad, liger friend and preparations begin.

The ending is seasonal and festive; it will make you believe in the wonder of the season and the importance of goodwill.  It makes a humorous observation of just how distracted we all are at this time of year.  This is my message of goodwill as told through Larry the Liger.  This book is for children of all ages right up to 110!

So what are you waiting for?
and all other Amazon territories.

Winter seasonal greetings everyone :)

A winter surprise

Fergus writes:
"What is the collective noun for a Group of Ligers? 
I wish I knew!
Larry was lonely in Rachael’s latest A Winter Surprise with no siblings to keep him company. I think I’ll ask Rachael? What do you think? Is it a Pride of Ligers? No that’s Lions. Is it a Society of Ligers?
It is becoming contagious. I find myself say 'My father is a Scot and my mother English! I am British!' 
Well, Fergus you are right Larry does indeed feel a little alone in the upcoming release, The Winter Surprise.  His friends are all preparing to have their long sleep and Larry wonders who he will play with.  There is a surprise in store though and everyone will have to download the ebook to find out what happens.
As for a group of ligers: some say a pride, some say a streak or ambush, however I have decided that for Larry, should he ever find others like him, it will be called a legion of ligers.  What does everyone else think?
Larry the Liger - the Winter Surprise is coming soon and is full of seasonal wonder for you and your little ones.  Here is a sneak preview of the new cover :)

Enjoy the journey...