Friday, 13 September 2013

What does the fox say?

'What does the fox say?'  This is the type of question my writing often forces me to ask.  Yes, my research time is often spent trying to find out what noises certain animals make in their efforts to communicate.  The Larry the Liger stories have sent me on a learning journey of all things animal related.  Thank goodness for the Internet is all I can say; it has saved me hours of becoming one with all things outdoors. 

Recently when I was asking Google one of my strange and bizarre questions about animals, their noises and expressions, I discovered something I never quite expected.  'A song about a fox?' I thought and I had to check it out.  Well, what can I say?  You need to see it to believe it really!  This is a song I could almost have written myself such is my knowledge now of animal noises! ;) It seems I am not the only one asking such questions.  The Fox by Ylvis can be found here

This is a funny video and I ended up reading all about how it has been received.  Some people appear to have missed the humour element of it but, regardless of all the reactions, if it's that stupid how come I find myself asking these rather ridiculous questions on a daily basis?  I do believe I have discovered the next Gangnam Style hit and if this does go global then remember where you heard it first :)

Is it any wonder I don't get much writing done some days?!  Now to discover what a worm says...