Saturday, 14 July 2012

Join Anastasia - she's free for a few days

Go on, make a date with this young heroine.  Get to know her at the beginning of her journey for free!  Yes for the next four days 'Anastasia Series I Omnibus' is free 14th to 17th July. 

It's exciting having a series of all 8 short stories from Anastasia Series I in one ebook and makes me realise just how far we've both come so I decided I would share it for free for a few days.

So no excuses!  Anastasia is dealing with huge issues and even bigger people in Series III so take some time out and follow her journey from the very beginning.  You don't need to be a child to read these stories as I am certain they will appeal to everyone.  You don't need a Kindle as you can get a Kindle reader for your pc, iphone, etc in the Kindle store.  It's too easy isn't it?

I hope you love the stories as much as I love writing them and if you do then please leave a review on Amazon.  Anastasia would love to hear there are those appreciating her hard work as a young detective!

Loving the journey :)

Anastasia Series I Omnibus is available here:


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