Tuesday, 31 July 2012

The American Royal Family - a response from Fergus

Elizabeth from Pennsylvania asks how I know so much about the Royal Family and have I ever met any?  Oscar Wilde would call it the knowledge of a lifetime.  Yes I have met some members of the Royal Family.

She goes on to say that she has read and reread the stories and they improve each time.  It makes her cry a lot with both joy and sadness.  She is joyful over the rescues but so sad about the terminal nature of Anastasia's illness.

You are absolutely correct Elizabeth.

I think we are all so very saddened by all Anastasia has done to enhance the lives of other and now she faces the end so bravely.

You ask about German Americans and whether the children were taught in German.  In those days German was the first tongue as the parents spoke German language at home. It is no surprise that John Windsor would speak German as a young boy.

He was born in America, the son of an English King, out of wedlock.  It meant a lot then but little in 2012.

The America Government were being very secretive after the war with all the German Scientists they were bringing to Kansas to prevent them from falling into Russian hands.  Perhaps no surprise that the existence of John Windsor was kept quiet.

Perhaps it is time to ask your Senator to establish the true facts about the American Royal Family.


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