Friday, 13 July 2012

Anastasia's latest venture

Well Anastasia is still suffering with haemophilia however this will not stop her from solving the world's problems; trust me - she's got a great team behind her.

She would be so pleased she has so many people following her journey so I decided to make it even easier for everyone to meet Anastasia, if they haven't already, by creating a magical omnibus edition of Series I! 

It is available now on Amazon and has all eight short stories from Series I in one ebook.  'Anastasia Series I Omnibus' introduces Anastasia at the beginning when she stays at Boughton Lodge and rides her horses.  Learn how this daydreaming girl becomes a young detective and meets some very interesting characters along the way!

There's no stopping this young detective as she gallops her way to: saving lost ponies; cracking crimes against animals and people; and always saving the day while discovering there is much more to her than she ever thought possible.

Why not take a look and get Series I in one sitting.  I hope you enjoy reading about Anastasia as much as am I loving writing about her.  Loving the journey. UK US etc.

I am still working on the next story in Series III, Anastasia None But the Brave, which will hopefully be available soon.  Learn about the American Royal Family and exactly what the teenage detective can do to assist Three Wise Men.  Watch out crime world - there's a new heroine on the block.

The journey has begun...

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