Saturday, 14 July 2012

Calling Russian ladies - a guest blog from Fergus

Calling Russian Ladies

If you ask anyone in the West who is the most famous Russian of all time most will say Anastasia.  Some will say Stalin, some Lenin, some Rasputin, some Putin.  Most will say Anastasia.

Anastasia is part of the heritage of Russia.  Your heritage.

John Ford, the famous film producer, used to say "tell the legend" and it is the legend we tell.

Anastasia deals with the very few problems individual countries cannot deal with.  No country wants International Trials going on for years.  They want quick justice as dispensed by Anastasia.

Who is Anastasia?  She is a double great, great grandchild of Queen Victoria.  What do we mean by Royal Blood in 2012?  We mean descended from Queen Victoria.  No other definition will do.

Anastasia suffers from haemophilia.  She is an inspitation to all fellow sufferers.  She tries to live a normal life but would you call hanging from the skids of an Apache attack helicopter over the mid Atlnatic Ocean 'normal'?  it is the stuff that legends are made of.  It is what films are made of .

Her friend Charlotte has taken over merchandising of the Anastasia Lingerie and Cosmetics.  Anastasia is an International brand.  She is the world's leading celebrity and the kindest person you could meet where poor folk are concerned but is absolutely ruthless in suppressing those who really need to be suppressed.

Anastasia is the absolute Monarch of the Northern and Southern hemispheres.  She is the Monarch in Waiting of the USA and Russia but will not rule in Britain or the British Empire.

Is she a bit of a tomboy?  Only when on active service.  Otherwise she is very much a cultured lady.  Yes, she rides motorbikes in the style of Steve McQueen, she jumps out of an aircraft, she runs along the gables of tall houses, she trains with all the special services of Russia, England and the USA.

When on duty she is a slim, sleek, teenage girl with a ponytail.  She dresses that way as she can't flick her long hair back when holding a gun in her sights.  She can't say 'hold on guys I have to put my makeup on'!

After the event she is very much the Empress, not just of one Russian state of former states of the USSR but of all the Russias.  She will become Queen of the USA in the fullness of time as John Windsor has no children.

What I need to raise with Russian, British and American ladies today is the utter tragedy of the modern world of the suppressing of female babies, the theft of babies, particularly in the Iberian Peninsular, and the trafficking of young girls for arranged marriages.  Anastasia is the focus of the world on this most terrible practice.

Such people are trafficked for profit.  No one steals babies unless there is a market for them.  They are traded like a commodity or product but are stolen because there is a market out there.

If you support Anastasia then please so indicate in your social networking by telling all your friends and contacts.  Anastasia specifically campaigns against forced marriages (known as arranged marriages), infanticide in overpopulated countries, and the kidnapping of infants for sale, and of the trafficking of girls for the sex trade.

The laws of all countries must be coordinated to form one universal law - Anastasia's Law.

Fergus Wilson

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