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Queen Victoria and the American Royal Family

"The question so often raised is what is the relationship between Queen Victoria who died in 1901 and the American Royal Family?

Victoria was the progenitor of the Royal Houses of Europe.  It is her bloodline that is Dominate.  Prince Charles Edward was her grandson as was Kaiser Wilhelm of Germany and King George V of Great Britain.

The next generation was perhaps the one we know best - great grandchildren of Queen Victoria.  They were: King Edward VIII (the one that married Wallace Simpson), Lord Dickie Mountbatten and King George VI-the father of the present Queen of England, Elizabeth II.

Queen Elizabeth II is a great, great, granddaughter of Queen Victoria.  Prince Philip is a great, great grandson of Queen Victoria, hence their eldest son, Prince Charles is a great, great, great grandson twice over.

However, John Windsor, the rightful King of America, is a generation closer and was a great, great grandson of Victoria twice over.  He was not a haemophiliac but his sister, Anastasia, was.  The best account is to be found in 'Anastasia - None But the Brave'.

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The name John Windsor was named after Prince John.  He was born in 1905 and died in 1919 of haemophilia but it is recorded as epilepsy.  At the time Prince John was born his grandfather, King Edward VII, was King following the death of his mother, Queen Victoria, in 1901.  His brother, Leopold, died of haemophilia as did Edward's eldest son also called Edward.  His brother was King George V who had five sons including the haemophiliac John.

These two sons were King Edward VIII and King George VI who died of lung cancer in 1952.  King Edward VIII was the father of John Windsor and Anastasia.  Both their parents were great grandchildren of Queen Victoria.

Before the First World War George V was head of the House of Saxe-Coburg Gotha but he changed it to Windsor when war came.  Dickie Mountbatten was a Battenburg but when war came he was called Mountbatten.  He was killed by the IRA in 1979 and his was the last state funeral held in Britain following Winston Churchill's in 1965.

Now, who was Queen Mary?  Queen Mary of Teck was never the Queen Mother but the King Mother of two Kings: the brothers Edward and George.  She was German.  That is why King Edward VIII spoke fluent German.  She had been engaged to the haemophiliac Prince Edward (the son of Edward VII) and then was engaged to his brother later, King George.

A question often asked was 'did the children of the Kaiser, the Tsar and George V ever meet?'  The answer is yes, at Sandringham before the First World War when Prince John and Alexei were included.  Both were haemophiliacs as were other descendants of Queen Victoria throughout Europe.

Haemophilia is often called Victoria's curse or Victoria's disease.  Those with it were usually kept out of sight and out of mind.

Who was Fergus Bowes Lyon?  He was the uncle of Queen Elizabeth II and the brother of Elizabeth Bowes Lyon, Queen Consort of George VI, 1936 to 1952, and Queen Mother, 1952 to 2001.  She was born 1900 and died at 101 years old.  Queen Victoria was on the thrown 1837 to 1901.

Fergus Bowes Lyon was a famous soldier being a Captain in the famous Scottish Regiment the Black Watch.  He was killed at the Battle of Loos in 1915 and his mother never recovered from his death.  Like so many in that terrible War he has no grave as his body was never recovered.  He was blown to pieces by a bomb(shell).

When she married at Westminster Abbey in 1923 Elizabeth placed her marriage bouquet on the grave of the Unknown Soldier."

Fergus Wilson

Read more about the American Royal Family in 'Anastasia and the Three Wise Men' and, coming soon, 'Anastasia - None But the Brave.' UK US/.com

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