Sunday, 24 June 2012

A new message from Fergus

Rachael Phillips must be the most prolific writer I have come across.  She writes the Anastasia detective books to be found on Amazon.

These are books for children of all ages from five to one hundred and five.  She has a worldwide following and Anastasia has become the most famous Russian woman on the planet.  She is also the most beautiful Russian woman.

In her latest book Rachael Phillips writes of the last taboo - the American Royal Family.  It has been hidden for seventy years but the truth is revealed in her next book Anastasia and the Three Wise Men.

I cannot wait for it be finished and I know what is in it!  I still can't wait.

Anastasia is an obsession for myself and everyone who reads it.  She has become a cult figure within six months.

Fergus Wilson

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