Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Elves (and books) on the shelves...

For the first time in a few years I am feeling very festive!  It is a hard time of year for many and also for my family.  Despite the sadness that inevitably comes with the start of December for me, I definitely have a seasonal, warm glow about me and I think this will be the best Christmas we have had for a while.  We have decked the halls with all things Christmas and it makes me very happy.   The girls helped with some lovely paper chains (with a little help from their Granny and Grandad on a recent visit) and it really does look a lot like Christmas in our home.

I have also been working on a new venture.  This year I decided to get an elf for the girls, to make the build up to Christmas more fun.  It also means an added bonus of the elf being Santa's eyes and ears as he reports back to the North Pole every night.  I wrote a poem to introduce our elf and got some great comments from friends which prompted me to make them available to all.  My elf letter pack was born.  I added a goodbye letter and a special 'North Pole' stamped envelope so the children who receive the welcome letter truly believe!  I love the elf letter packs and it has been a pleasure to help families bring some magical fun into their homes too.  Orders are still coming in which is great and it's still not too late to start the elf fun.  Full details of the packs can be found on my Facebook page, click here for a look. www.facebook.com/rachaelphillipsauthor

It has been a great year for book sales.  This year I introduced all books in my new series: 'Things with...', a series of four illustrated, rhyming books.  So far there are Things with Wings, Things with Wheels, Things with Eyes and Things with Legs.  These are all available in eBook and print formats.  They are still new and finding their feet but I have learned from experience books take a good two or three years to become established.  I look forward to these books matching my Anastasia and Larry the Liger sales!  Anastasia Sheer Elegance (Anastasia Series IV) is particularly popular as are many of the Larry the Liger titles.  Larry the Liger - the Winter Surprise is also available in print, just like the Things with... series.

I can never forget how my professional writing journey began and I am so grateful I spent those hours of searching for freelance work and eventually finding a job for 'Children's Writer'.  It all began Boxing Day in 2011 and gave me the chance, thanks to Fergus, to explore my passion for writing and use my overactive imagination.  I wrote voraciously and easily spent 10 hours+ a day writing; I simply could not stop once the faucet was opened!  A few months after, I slowed things down for the sake of my sanity and family!  What an amazing time it was and a true journey... 

I still write a lot but lately I have been working on the elf letter packs, and, among other things, commissions of poetry and readings.  I have been privileged to write poems for funerals, charity events and weddings.  Poetry is my current favourite thing and I would be happy to work with others on important speeches, readings and poems in general.  Please ask if this is something you feel I could assist you with.

It is hard to explain the passion I have for writing and the way the words flow from me is magical... a bit like our elf, Tiny :)

Since I started writing this blog in 2012 I have had over 17,680 views of it!  I want to thank all of my followers and regular readers for sticking with me; I really appreciate your support.  

I may not get a chance to write before Christmas so I will take this early opportunity to wish you all a wonderful Christmas time and a peaceful, healthy and happy end to this year, 2015.  I will try to pop in before 2016, a leap year no less, commences.

The seasonal countdown has begun, enjoy the journey...

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