Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Fergus Wilson writes...

Fergus Wilson writes:

"Rachael Phillips is a truly remarkable wordsmith.  Her stories are so realistic and I think very often emotional dealing with the terrible worldwide problems we now experience of baby trafficking, forced marriages and white slavery.

Anastasia leads the worldwide fight to raise awareness of these problems faced by the world.  Baby smuggling is rife in Spain and Portugal but we must not forget the trafficking of young girls to be married against their will in the format of arranged marriages.

Through the pen of Rachael Phillips, Anastasia leads the campaign to end this global business.  I feel it is time to stand up and be counted.  I will be the first.  Please email your name and city where you are from to the following email address if you wish to join in Anastasia's cause preceded by the phrase 'YOU CAN COUNT ON ME' Anastasia2012@btinternet.com

Names so far:

YOU CAN COUNT ON ME - Fergus Wilson, Kent
YOU CAN COUNT ON ME - Joanne Rogers, Baltimore

Many thanks

Fergus Wilson"


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