Thursday, 26 July 2012

The Olympics 2012

The Olympics - they have come around so quickly.  I remember when we heard we would be hosting the 2012 Olympics; it was 6th July 2005, the day before the London bombings happened on 7th July.  It was a sad day following a day of jubilation and my thoughts are with those that lost their lives that day... I was working for Transport for London at the time and I am kind of grateful I don't work there now with the impending hoards of people coming to watch the Olympics! 

So here we are on the eve of the London Olympics!  In honour of such a wonderful event I have decided to run a new, free, ebook promotion.  The previous ones have been so successful that it seems a fitting way to mark the beginning of the Olympics and Anastasia wants to join in the fun.  

So from 27th July until 31st July you can download for £0, $0, absolutely free, the following Anastasia short stories:

Anastasia and the Imperial Egg Hunt (Anastasia Series II)
Anastasia Romanov - Private Detective (Anastasia Series III)
Anastasia and the Three Wise Men (Anastasia Series III)
Also available for other countries .com .de .es .it .fr etc.

Anastasia and the Imperial Egg Hunt is all about Anastasia trying to track down missing Imperial Fabergé Eggs - can she bring home the gold?
Anastasia Romanov - Private Detective finds Anastasia going undercover once more to save two, kidnapped children.  Very exciting second story from Anastasia Series III.
Anastasia and the Three Wise Men is the third story from Anastasia Series III where we realise just how famous she has become when her services are needed by three very high profile men.  Another action packed Series III story for teens upwards. 

I hope you enjoy these stories and what's not to love?  They're FREEEEEEEE!

Free Kindle reader available in the Kindle Store for those without a Kindle.

Happy reading and if you enjoy the stories please leave a review.  Spread the word so others who have yet to read about Anastasia's adventures get the chance.  Come on Great Britain and good luck to everyone else taking part :)

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