Monday, 16 July 2012

An emotional journey: Anastasia None But the Brave

I have finished story 24, the fourth in Series III, 'Anastasia None But the Brave'.  It was very emotional to research because of the issues the teenage Private Detective is now dealing with and she gets really mad in this story.  Not sure if my sleep deprivation is having an impact on her behaviour! 

This story finds Anastasia suffering badly with her haemophilia once more, however she can't sit back and let some of the most terrible crimes happen again.  This teenager will not stand for the most vulnerable in our societies being abused, mistreated, trafficked, murdered or treated in any way that they don't deserve.  As for those that commit such atrocities against vulnerable people, well let's say they really didn't plan on coming under Anastasia's radar.

The research side of writing can often bring with it fantastic discoveries and new, often deepened, knowledge of historical events.  It is often a joy to learn more about so many different things.  In this story however my research led me down some paths that I would rather not have found but to understand the facts allows the character, Anastasia, to really feel the emotion that I felt when I read about some of the things that are happening in our world.

The internet is the most fantastic tool when researching for a book but it does mean that even the most gruesome details of horrific crimes against vulnerable people in our societies are freely available.  Some information is deeply disturbing to read. 

During my research and writing of Anastasia None But the Brave I began to wish that Anastasia really could come and eradicate the most heinous of crimes that mar our world.  This teenager really will not stand for such crimes and everywhere she goes now people know who she is. 

Think Superman crossed with Charles Bronson but much more attractive and well dressed.  With the emotional crimes she deals with comes the emotional discoveries she makes about her own past and her future.  This teenager is called to help the most famous men in the world such is her reputation now!

Finally a heroine that is both beautiful and capable.  This teenager takes no prisoners.  Watch out world her journey has truly begun...

Anastasia - None But the Brave coming soon to Amazon.

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