Friday, 6 July 2012

American Royal Family - Message from Fergus

From Fergus:

"Rachael Phillips has excelled herself by giving out long hidden information of the American Royal Family.

Learn how the real King of the United States of America was raised in Nebraska and Kansas City by German American adoptive parents in 1942 and how the American Government kept it secret for seventy years.  The secret is now out.

Rachael Phillips tells all in 'Anastasia and the Three Wise Men' currently available on Amazon and 'Anastasia - None But the Brave' coming soon.

Read how the American Government kept quiet because of the War with Germany and how John Windsor fought in Vietnam in the Green Berets.

If you are an American who considers yourself a royalist then these are the books for you.

Rachael Phillips, what have you done?  It is wonderful.  My mailbag overflows with letters from American ladies eager to know more of John Windsor.

Please, please, Rachael, tell us more!  I cannot wait for 'Anastasia - None But the Brave'.

America now has a King!  Great stuff - thank God!

If you ever wondered why no Royal Family had settled in America you now know."

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