Saturday, 2 February 2013

Fergus responds... to recent reviews and feedback

Fergus says:

"Everyone is entitled to their own view.  There is no magic formula for writing a book.  Everyone to his own.  The reviewer says (from when reviewing Anastasia Series III Omnibus) 'I am told that you have to start a book by putting a crisis in the middle so people will want to know what is wrong.'  I do not know who said that but I do not agree.

Ask any man who has read Anastasia Series III and they will tell you it is the best thing since sliced bread.  It is an emotional roller coaster from the start.

Rachael Phillips has my full confidence and Larry the Liger is fantastic!  I will let you into a secret, dear reader.  Larry is a series of ten but following will be Percy the Peacock - a tale of a peacock without a tail.  I have reserved this one for Rachael.

To the ladies of Austin, Texas, I thank you for your kind comments about Series III and am sorry you are using up so many tissues each time your group discusses it.

No reports of Laszlo and Zoltan yet, still Missing in Action.  Yes, Anastasia will wear a yellow ribbon every day until they return.

To the Old Green Beret who recognises so much of the story.  Yes, it is a work of fiction carefully crafted by Rachael Phillips but many of the incidents, as you immediately spotted, are based on true events.

Yes, we paused for breath while we waited for the American Presidential Election but Mr Obama was starring in the book immediately afterwards.


Anastasia Series III Omnibus is available to download from Amazon along with all the other Anastasia stories.  You will also find Larry the Liger waiting there for his New Home and 'Larry the Liger - the New Friend' is coming very soon. 

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