Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Fergus responds... to recent reviews

Larry the Liger - The New Home, January 21, 2013
5 out of 5 stars This review is from: Larry the Liger - The New Home (Kindle Edition)
This is a cute story and opened a series of questions for my children who had never heard of a Liger. We did some internet research and used this fictional book as a starting point to look up some amazing true facts.

"Thank you for your interesting review Gwendolin from Knoxville, TN USA. The truth is rather stranger than fiction. Rachael and I were hardly a half a step ahead of you. More like a quarter of a step.

We had a meeting about our Web Site and during a coffee break I asked for a quick word privately with Rachael as I had an idea which I thought might interest her. We had worked on Anastasia together for three series and in the third series we had the situation of Anastasia saying she was half lion and half tiger. We developed the call sign for the Liger of Liger Cub to Papa Liger.

But what is a Liger? The rest is history. Rachael took up the challenge and wrote the first story, which was so well received, and now the second is published and number three under way.

There has to be good in the world and this darling Liger Cub is all good!

It is a story for young children the world over. It is now 2013. The stories of my childhood are long past. We seek a new generation of Children's Authors and the English Language is a world wide language for children from Japan to Norway to learn about Larry the Liger and improve their Language Skills.

Fergus Wilson February 12 2013"
Larry the Liger - The New Home, February 6, 2013
5 out of 5 stars This review is from: Larry the Liger - The New Home (Kindle Edition)
I downloaded this book in an attempt to keep my 5 year old nephew occupied during a train journey and I wasn't disappointed. The author has woven a beautiful story for young children and her simple, but effective writing style captured my nephew's full attention, so much so that I was asked to read it again and again.

I would strongly recommend this book to anyone looking to entertain a small child and the absence of pictures as one reviewer mentioned is not an issue. Children have the finest imaginations and my nephew had no trouble making pictures in his head as a result of the authors well written prose.
"Fergus replies. You are absolutely right! Rachael Phillips has a winner here!"

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