Friday, 25 January 2013

New Release! Launch of Series IV.

Well Series IV has officially now launched and the first story in the series, Sheer Elegance, is available to download from Amazon in two parts.  This series takes a whole new direction from Series III and will be full of mysteries for the teenage detectives to solve. 

It's great to have Anastasia and Charlotte back together and you can read a sample on Amazon for both parts by clicking on the 'look inside' icon.

I hope you all enjoy this new series and, as always, reviews very welcome.  While you are taking a look at the book if you could click on the 'like' button I would appreciate it :)

Spread the word: Anastasia is back.

The journey continues...

Sheer Elegance - Part One UK US/India Japan Spain Italy France Germany Canada Brazil

Sheer Elegance - Part Two UK US/India Japan Spain Italy France Germany Canada Brazil

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