Friday, 8 February 2013

Enjoying the journey :)

Friday has finally arrived and with it my precious 3 hours of writing time, while Amy is with a childminder and Ella is at school.  I should be spending it on the next Anastasia story but I am a bit too distracted to write today; my mind is on Larry the Liger...  The promotion is going really well and I have spent my week organising other promotional things for Larry which I will share with you in the near future.  I love that Larry is such a hit.

I was stopped at the school this morning by a fellow mum saying how excited she was to realise I wrote children's stories.  She loved Larry the Liger's adventures so far and suggested the school may want me to be their celebrity for a new tree being planted!  How funny but it did brighten my morning.

I did realise I may have to update my author picture because it was taken over 2 years ago when I was pregnant with Amy so I looked very glowy.  The advantage to keeping the picture is that I am unlikely to ever be recognised by the man on the street!  Most mornings my hair is hidden under a woolly hat with the winter sun highlighting signs of middle ageing!

I have no desire to be a celebrity in any way but I truly desire for everyone to love Larry the Liger.  My dream is for every child to know about Larry and listen with wonder at the stories.  That is what the books are all about; to unlock a child's imagination and allow them to visualise the story in their head.  I read recently that a writer should write the way they want the world to be.  I love that idea and hopefully Larry can help bring something positive to a child's world.  Age appropriate and nice stories that help a child to understand the importance of being kind in a world that often is not.

Larry the Liger captures the innocence of a child and is a positive character for children to take into their hearts and imaginations.

Here's to Larry the Liger and a wonderful weekend.

The journey continues...

Larry the Liger: his father was a lion, his mother was a tiger!

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