Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Some new excitement - New journeys and the upcoming National Book Day

Well it has been a busy start to 2013.  I have been working on both Larry the Liger and Anastasia stories around being a mum to my two daughters.  I managed to arrange some childcare on Friday mornings which has helped immensely and gives me a solid block of time to devote to writing.  Amy is settling in well with the childminder and loves her, which is great.

I haven't been writing many blog posts lately as I simply haven't had much time but I will endeavour to write more about how things are going.  That is what this blog is all about after all - the writing journey!

Writing has helped keep my mind occupied which is very valuable at this time.  Ella is settled in school and is doing really well.  Her reading is getting much better which is great - she will soon be ready to provide some feedback about the stories before they are published and do some editing!

Larry the Liger's journey began at the end of last year with his first story, The New Home.  The book was very well received and his second adventure, The New Friend, has received fantastic reviews too.  I couldn't be much happier with how Larry's journey has begun.

Sales were very good in December of both Larry the Liger and Anastasia, and the books continue to sell. 

I recently ran a free promotion of The New Friend which went amazingly well and was very pleased when Ella's primary school teacher downloaded it.  Another teacher at the school stopped me a couple of weeks ago and asked if I would read to the school in their Book Week which I said yes to without hesitation!  They run a book week to coincide with National Book Day on March 7th and Anthony Browne is another author who will be visiting the school that day.   

We have arranged for some promotional things to help Larry the Liger make more new friends and they look great.  I am awaiting delivery of one more thing and then I will be posting details of a special competition so look out for it in the near future.

I am currently finishing off the next Anastasia story for Series IV and will then be finishing the next Larry the Liger story.  It's all very exciting and it's great to be receiving some wonderful new reviews.  The latest review is one of my favourites so far:

"5.0 out of 5 stars Warm, charming, and skillfully written ... February 25, 2013
By Ginger Myrick
What a warm, charming, and skillfully written children’s story about fitting in and finding new friends! Larry the Liger is a newcomer to his household and struggles to find his place in it. It is a situation with which most children will relate whether it pertains to home life, school, playgroups, or recreational activities. What I really appreciate about the book is that the tone is not overly elementary or condescending but written in a way to engage the target and provoke thought and further investigation. I have always had a fascination with children’s books and someday hope to write one myself. I only hope I can create the lovely balance of simplicity and cleverness of this book that held my interest to the very end. What a fabulous introduction to a series that is sure to become a classic!" 

Many thanks to everyone who has downloaded Larry and enjoyed his stories so far.  As always, reviews are very welcome and do help others to make friends with Larry the Liger and Anastasia too. 

Loving the journey.  When opportunity knocks - open that door.  You never know where it may lead...


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