Monday, 13 August 2012

Hooray for the London 2012 Olympics!

Well the London 2012 Olympics ended with a spectacular closing ceremony last night.  Wow!  I was truly amazed by it and there were uplifting, emotional and thought provoking moments.  Huge congratulations to all medal winners across the globe - you did your countries proud as did all those who took part and helped make sure the 2012 Olympics was one to remember.

How fabulous to watch the USA, China and Great Britain top the medal charts with their truly well deserved Gold medal tally.  I am British but I have to say when I watched Great Britain and other countries get their Golds I felt the emotion and could only imagine the pride of their own countries and families.  The USA's David Boudia's diving was exquisite, Usain Bolt romping home for Jamaica so impressive but my highlights have to be watching Jessica Ennis and Mo Farah win their Gold medals and Tom Daley his bronze - each athlete having an amazing story to tell about how far they have come to achieve, despite pitfalls and setbacks along the way.  The work they had to put in is mind blowing and they all prove how resilient they are and indeed how each of us are.  Never doubt your capabilities.

If you have a will to achieve then you will achieve, is my belief.  There will always be those that will doubt you, criticise you and try to put you off your goal but there will also be those who champion you, will you to do well and have every faith in your abilities.  Sadly it is all too easy to listen to the negatives. 

I am sure everyone felt inspired by each and every one of those amazing Olympic competitors. 

I guess what it makes me realise is the importance of support.  All of our Olympic sportsmen and sportswomen said having the crowd behind them made all the difference.  The athletes journeys have been watched and supported by millions.

So I am here, hopeful, that I have the support out there too.  After all if you are reading this then hopefully I have piqued your interest. 

This blog has a big following and I find it amazing and humbling to realise it.  There is something about watching and learning of someone's journey and I appreciate that many are watching those of mine and Anastasia's. 

Our journeys have begun...   

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