Thursday, 9 August 2012

Fergus responds... to a great review

I write this Blog item after the Publication of M G Wells review of Anastasia Romanov - Private Detective
Anastasia has become very dear to the Co Authors and is most precious to both as well as all her fans and followers.
She has been an outstanding find as has been Rachael Phillips who must take all credit for the cliff hanger style of Adventure writing.
A number of readers have written in the past few days to say they are on EMOTIONAL OVERLOAD over Anastasia’s declining health and appreciate she has a terminal illness but it is so unfair with all the good she does.
I think Rachael Phillips is well aware of the Emotional Overload for so many readers around the world. One reader says she cannot stop crying but begs for more.
Anastasia now has a World Wide following and leads on many fronts. She is the Special Forces Sweetheart around the world. No one else has seemed to catch as much in popularity as our fictional heroine.
The dash to Frankfurt Military hospital using the forbidden Broken Arrow call sign and hanging onto the skids of an Apache Attack helicopter over the Mid Atlantic are memorable in my mind but what I like most is the compassion she has for disadvantaged people be they impoverished or disabled.
The Broken Arrow call sign is one that must be used only in the most urgent of situations. It is very seldom used.
Rachael has researched the Royal Family links to Anastasia extremely well. I find it fascinating.
At the time of writing this blog Rachael is still writing “Where Eagles Dare” and hence I best leave further comments until after publication.
Anastasia has brought attention to the plight of girls forced into marriage in Britain and taken back to the parent’s homeland against their will.
She is a roll model to so many in showing that you only kill when absolutely necessary and she saved the lives of many in None but the Brave.
Earlier she had dealt with instances of people being unkind to the less advantaged. Some would say they had Human Rights. I think it is the Human Rights of the victims we should consider.
Anastasia raises the awareness of Haemophilia throughout the world. I am pleased she leads by example of how anyone with a life threatening illness carries on.
She raises awareness of the theft of new born babies in Spain and this is very important.
She does much good and I am proud to be associated with her and Rachael Phillips.
What a find Rachael Phillips has been!
Some will say this girl Anastasia is a well oiled killer who acts smoothly and has a split personality. I disagree. She does what needs doing but takes no pleasure. She eliminates cleanly, clinically and professionally the Bad Guys.
The World is a better place due to our Heroine.
It is so sad that this young lady who has charmed everyone is dying from Haemophilia.
Fergus Wilson

This review is from: Anastasia Romanov - Private Detective (Anastasia Series III) (Kindle Edition) 
5* Intense YA thriller!
ANASTASIA ROMANOV - PRIVATE DETECTIVE was dramatic, gritty and intense. Anastasia is recruited into a specialized agency, whose goal is to rescue two kidnapped children.

I especially liked the relationship between Anastasia and Laszlo, who is a real hard-ass dude with the heart of a marshmallow. Laszlo teaches Anastasia how to handle firearms and to be rational in the most precarious scenarios, guide Anastasia to overcome her fears and expect the unexpected. He is most certainly an intelligent man and teaches Anastasia the reality of inhumane crimes.

Zoltan is also one of Anastasia's guides. He protects and shows her the in and outs of how to get the job done quickly and quietly. This story had a Mission Impossible feel to it. Anastasia is just a teenager engaged in a rescue mission from which most adults would shrink.

I admire Anastasia. She's bold, yet humble. Brave, yet cautious. There is much action, drama and intrigue in this story. Anastasia faces the Russian Mafia and ultimately manages to save the children.

Anastasia is a strong, heroic young lady, who is courageous during the most unbearable conditions imaginable. I have to admit I was surprised by Anastasia's resilience and strength and look forward to her next action-packed adventure. Horses, helicopters and travelling around the world with Anastasia was a thrilling ride!

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