Friday, 3 August 2012

Fergus responds... to another reader question

"Geraldine of Austin, Texas emails to say that her emotions are in turmoil over this unfortunate teenage girl Anastasia.

Geraldine has been crying herself to sleep every night thinking of Anastasia's decline in health and ultimate end.  She absolutely loves Series III and cannot put the kindle down reading each story repeatedly.

She says that surely this series must be made into a film by Steven Spielberg!  I hope you've told him, Geraldine!

Geraldine says she has long thought there must be descendants of Queen Victoria in the United States.  Well I cannot help you there but I do know there were 1100 descendants listed both dead and alive.

She asks about Prince Leopold.  He died at about age 30 years and his son Charles Edward was born shortly after Leopold's death.  Charles Edward is the Grandfather of the current King of Sweden called King Gustav.

Prince Leopold was a haemophiliac and survived to thirty whereas most haemophiliacs die far younger.  His daughter was Princess Alice and she was a carrier of haemophilia."


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