Monday, 6 August 2012

Fergus responds... to another review from a familiar set of initials

"Our great Aunt is at it again.  She should be constructive not destructive with her criticism.  She did not like the first one she read but appears to have read Anastasia and the Three Wise Men in considerable detail and enjoyed it.

Why would a reader who did not like a previous one bother to read another?

When I go into a traditional bookshop I pick up whatever takes my eye and read the first couple of pages and if I like what I read then I purchase.  With an ebook store you can likewise read the first couple of pages which is presumably what our Great Aunt did.  She then downloaded it and read it all.

No doubt she will do the same with the next.

For a reader who says he does not like what she reads she is certainly an avid reader of Anastasia's adventures.

Great Aunt has the bug and cannot keep away in common with all Anastasia's followers.

One of the purposes of my funding new authors is to give them a chance but to also encourage literacy skills within children worldwide.

We have to move with the times!

When I was a high school noodle
and life was rather smug,
My mother owned a poodle.
My father owned a pug.
And every Sunday after three,
A strange procession you would see,
My dear Mama, Papa and me,
The poodle and the pug.

I have no doubt that dear Great Aunt will be reading more Anastasia books which she so obviously enjoys.  No doubt this will spur on those reading this blog to also read the ebooks to see whether they agree with our Great Aunt.

My diet begins tomorrow.  Today I am going to get stuck in.


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