Monday, 6 August 2012

Fergus responds... to another reader question

"Sandy from Austin, Texas is a neighbour of Geraldine and asks whether the Yellow Ribbon is anything to do with the tradition in Texas?

The answer is 'yes'.

Sandy also says that she was so terribly upset when she realised Anastasia would die from her haemophilia and she and her neighbours, including Geraldine, talk of nothing else at their morning coffee sessions.

They think Anastasia is the best heroine ever and has done so much for the cause of stopping arranged/forced marriages, baby napping and child napping.

They say Anastasia faces the end very bravely but she really is just a teenage girl scared of dying and needs the security of Olga and Aunt Judith but most of all she wants closure on her life which means she must know finally about her biological mother.

I think you need to read 'Anastasia - From Here to Eternity' OUT NOW ON AMAZON.


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