Friday, 18 May 2012

Where to start

I feel quite emotional about completing two series of the Anastasia stories and I am just so pleased that it's not over yet.  This would have been the end of them and I would have been left wondering what to do next so when Fergus suggested I write another series I was really happy.  Then when he suggested another two series I was very chuffed!  I did fear that my ideas for the character might dry up however she will be growing up and moving on from Boughton Lodge and the wonderful horses to become a full on detective so there's a whole host of opportunities for the young sleuth.

Now I need to get organised.  There will be a new cover and this time a photo so I need to find a model of around fifteen years old with light brown long hair!  She needs to resemble Anastasia Romanov but I'm thinking creatively and maybe a shot from the back with a profile?  I don't think I know anyone locally who fits the description so may have to resort to stopping random people!  I may end up in my own crime story if I'm not careful so will hope that someone I know knows of someone who will be perfect.  Any suggestions let me know!

It's been a long week and Amy's sleeps are changing so I will have less time to write in the daytime the way it's going.  I'll do it when I can around her sleeps and use my evenings a lot more.  The weekends are invaluable especially if Jason takes the girls out for a couple of hours so I should still find a good number of hours to work with.

I am feeling nervous everytime I think about Series III and it makes me feel a bit jittery but, like a performer about to go on stage, without nerves I wouldn't be giving it my all.  On with the show...

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