Thursday, 10 May 2012

Getting over a block

Well I have played around with my blog page and added subscription and follower options and a pic of the current Anastasia cover.  I will be using a new cover for Series III and will add it once I have one!  Let me know what you think of the page and feel free to subscribe/follow!

'Anastasia and Kit's Coty' is coming along well now.  It's very exciting and there are dangers and thrills for our heroine, Anastasia, and her friend, Charlotte.  Kit's Coty is a mysterious place situated on Blue Bell Hill in Kent.  It is alleged to be haunted so why not visit there one night and find out if it really is?!

All of the Anastasia books, apart from the first two (Anastasia and the Horses of Boughton Lodge and Anastasia and the Mounted Regal Rescue), have historical fact in about Kent and most have historical information about Imperial Russia.  I have loved the research for these stories as I have been learning something new with every story.  For example did you know the Duke of Wellington refused to sleep in a bed on his return from army duties instead choosing a camp bed (Anastasia and the Cinque Ports)? And the real Anastasia Romanov was an excellent photographer?

Every story is set in Kent and they are a great way to learn more about Kent's rich history and indeed learn more about the Russian Revolution, our own rich Royal history, the first Kent Vikings and smuggling gangs of old. 

Series III will be moving away from Kent so I will be researching into other areas, cities and countries. 

Right then, back to work on 'Anastasia and Kit's Coty' and the nasty Burham Boys gang.  I'm afraid they may have messed with the wrong girl on this occasion!

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