Sunday, 13 May 2012

The eve of a new chapter

So here I am writing the final story of Anastasia Series II and I am excited and a tad nervous about Series III.  I hope this doesn't come across in the wrong way but I know that with every story my writing has got better and better.  I become truly engrossed in the characters and the story lines.  They kind of take over at times and I become like a woman possessed and must appear in need of the loo - I suddenly think of something fantastic to add to a story and I race off to type it.  Yes, I have a note book and pen, as every writer should, however I know that when something is there it is there and has to be typed immediately and then the rest follows!  I am loving the journey and it is just that, a journey.  Along with the characters, I am also developing in so many ways and I can only hope my adventures don't end for a while.

It's funny what can evoke memories of significant things in your life and it has always been said that music can do that.  Earlier this evening I was watching Britain's Got Talent, recorded from last night, and I can honestly say I really enjoyed it.  You could see how far each act had come with that added confidence from being selected for something that was beyond their wildest dreams.  It kind of resonates with me for obvious reasons.

When the huge choir came on and performed I found it quite moving to watch.  I could imagine being in the auditorium and hearing it there.  I imagine it must have been fantastic.  It made me think of someone I haven't thought of for a long time. 

This person is a lady that was my teacher at junior school, Mrs Cooper.  Mrs Cooper was everything a teacher should be.  She was fierce enough to command respect but wasn't cruel, she had 'Dennis the Dap' to put fear into everyone (obviously no longer allowed but I never saw her use it ) but above all she had the ability to make you feel like you could achieve something.  I must have been around eight or nine years old and I remember her giving me a book to take home to read.  She knew I was a fast reader and that this book should be manageable.  The book was huge and I found it daunting but I was aware that she had the confidence in me to suggest I read it and that alone felt amazing. 

My Dad (he was a carpenter by trade) carved her a beautiful wooden name sign for her cottage with bevelled edges and curved lettering (I won't say the name of her cottage here in case it somehow gets linked up) and she was quite overwhelmed but I think my parents even realised she was a great lady and one of the best teachers.

So why did a choir make me think of Super Cooper (I remember making up a song about her with Shane Hofton and Sadie Knight where we reworded Abba's Super Trouper!)?  Well she also ran the choir and she taught us all to smile with every performance.  She took us to the Cheltenham Festival where we sang and read poetry.  From memory the song was 'Bessie was a black cat' and the poem was 'Jabberwocky'.  We didn't win but I know that every single one of us felt inspired by the experience and we all left with aching jaws from smiling throughout our performances! 

Mrs Cooper I salute you :)     


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