Sunday, 20 May 2012

Harry the Hug Monster

Ella keeps asking me when I am going to get a job and why she doesn't have a nanny or childminder like other children.  Nothing like making you feel like you're doing something wrong!  So in an effort to prove to her that I write stories about Anastasia and get paid for it I suggested we write a story together.  I have shown her my various pages, book listings on Amazon, read her bits of Anastasia and the Russian White Stallion, etc. however she remains unimpressed.  I popped out to the shop the other evening and this is the resulting story that we wrote based around a conversation she had with her daddy.  Ella is four years old.

Harry the Hug Monster,by Ella Phillips

 One day my mummy went to the shop so I asked daddy, "Where has mummy gone?"  He replied, "To the shop." 

 I asked him, "What will she see?"  Daddy replied, "What do you think she will see?"  I said, "A monster."  Daddy said that mummy wouldn't see a monster.  I knew daddy was joking but I wasn't.

 Mummy came back and I asked her, "What did you see mummy?"  Mummy said, "I saw a monster!"  "Were you scared?" I asked her. "No," mummy replied.  "What did he look like?" I asked.  "He was a big, purple monster!" mummy said, "and he kept hugging people."

 "Did he hug you?" I asked.  "No," said mummy.  "Why?" I asked her.  "Because I didn't want him to," she replied.  "Why?" I asked.  "Because I didn't want purple fluff in my mouth!"  Mummy did a funny face and pretended she was spitting purple fluff out of her mouth. 

 I keep looking for Harry the Hug Monster but I can't seem to see him.

 The End.

She did make me laugh when she said that 'daddy was joking but she wasn't'.  Bless her.  We may have a budding writer on our hands yet. Maybe she will inspire me with some content for my stories!  Jason did mouth to me on my return to the shops 'say you saw a monster' so she wasn't disappointed that my shopping trip had no excitement!

We have today bought a new swing for the garden.  Ella loves it and I am more comfortable with it now is has been cemented in and doesn't lift gently in the breeze!!

Happy days :)

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