Wednesday, 9 May 2012

A morning in the life of a freelance writer

I've been managing really well to fit writing ebooks around other things but then I'll have a day like today where I struggle to focus.  When I started writing for Fergus I was churning out two stories a week!  When I have an idea then I am off on a whirlwind typing adventure and I love it.  It has slowed down a little and I'm on maybe one a week.  I need to finish Story 19, Anastasia and Kit's Coty, however my mind doesn't seem to be cooperating!  

Anyone who has worked with me in the last ten years will know that I am ridiculously organised and am a queen of multi tasking.  It's been a strange transition as a stay at home mum after having a career and it's so fantastic to have something to focus on other than being a mum.  Any mum will know what I'm talking about!  I'm also a 'try anything once' kind of gal and that often means I flit from one thing to another so I am determined that my relationship with writing will last.

It's Ella's long day at preschool today and Amy is having a long sleep so I should be writing the story.  The morning was so rushed getting us out to preschool.  Ella wouldnt cooperate so we were almost late, well we were late but they are always late opening so it worked out!  Then I went shopping and had a doctor's appointment.  Came back to unpack shopping, feed Amy and I then put her to bed.  I sit down to write my story and I just can't think of how the story will go.  I have had this before so I know it will come but it's so frustrating when you have this time pressure to get it done when you can.  Amy will wake any minute and I'm sat here typing my blog!

I do think though that if I had set times to write then it probably wouldn't work so I will continue as I am for now as it's been working quite well.  I get a lot of writing done at the weekends when Jason is home as he takes the girls out to the supermarket or somewhere for a couple of hours.

I think today I am just a bit tired from waking all night with thoughts of Anastasia in my head and wanting to get on with the story because I love to see how it's going to end.  I've done a ton of research so really just need let my imagination spark.

Amy's awake now thanks to our noisy letterbox and an unwanted pizza menu!  Hey ho back to being a mum I go.  Next blog will be very positive and full of news of how the story is nearly complete (I hope!)  

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