Friday, 25 May 2012

The art of conversation

Writing is a great thing to do and I realised today how I pretty much write everything in my life.  Anastasia stories, texts, emails, tweets, facebook updates, shopping lists and Internet orders.  There are probably loads more.  I am aware that I am a lazy conversationalist preferring to write everything in a text, etc.  It is a worry that I am losing the art of verbal conversation and I'm sure that is a common thing for most people these days. 

Whatever happens though I refuse to abbreviate words in text messages.  I would rather send 3 texts in 1 than end up with something like this: "Gr8 2 cu 2day.Hv lvly wkd."  Actually I now see the benefit but it is too late for me as I would probably spend hours figuring out abbreviations for things so I'll keep to real words.

I do spend a lot of time talking with my children.  We went for a lovely walk in the woods earlier and chatted about where the fairies might be hiding, which paths to choose and the difference between dog and horse poo(!).  It's reassuring that I can converse so easily with those that are four years old and under!  I'll make more effort with grown ups I've decided.  Don't get me wrong I don't live in a world where my lips are sealed outside the house.  I have had some interesting chats with other preschool mums - could probably write a book about some of the stories in fact!

It does seem easier to talk to someone over the phone as they can't see your face and you can look as awful as you like and even be wearing your pjs-they'd never know!  Today I had to make a telephone call because the company I was ordering from online said items in my size out of stock.  They helpfully provided a number to assist in this event.  I called them and a friendly young man (how old do I sound!) assisted me.  I managed to explain what I wanted by quoting an item number.  It was an order for a bra and I realised how awkward I felt telling a complete stranger my bra size!  It's funny because he kept asking me to repeat my surname but he never forgot my bra size!

I guess the message here is, well there are three: (1) Make more effort to converse the old fashioned way; (2) Spend less time writing; and (3) Remember you only have to tell a man your bra size once!  He will never forget.

Here's to a lovely,chatty weekend.  I may be on a phone near you soon :)

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  1. I hate sending abbreviated sms too!!! I like your writing, and even from the girl's point of view. Nice. ukrainian girls are the best!!!