Sunday, 10 March 2013

Fergus writes...

"I cannot tell you how proud I am of Rachael and all she has achieved over the past twelve months.

All those ebooks on Amazon and what a following she now has for both Anastasia and the latest creation Larry the Liger.

Considerable thought is given to the lead Character. If you are to write books you must look at your target audience, you must be commercial and appeal to a large number of readers world wide.

We write for 50 years. Not simply because copyright runs out in 50 years but because Larry the Liger will appeal for that period.

I predict Rachael is in line for big things in the future, I do expect Larry the Liger to be merchandised in a big way, to appear on film and TV and I wonder how that is to be achieved?

Please keep it up Rachael - we all love Larry and we love you too!

Thank you Fergus - Rachael :)

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