Monday, 1 July 2013

London Welsh by Fergus

"Aunt Judith took me on an outing to Rochester Cathedral light evening to hear the London Welsh Male Voice Choir. A very good evening for me. I was talking to someone I knew in the Choir who played rugby for London Welsh when I was playing for London Scottish. That was 45 years ago.

A lady approached us and spoke in Welsh. A tongue I have never attempted to master. I assumed she wanted to talk to my Welsh friend but no she was being courteous in interrupting in Welsh but she wanted to talk to myself. In English of course.

"Tell me what has happened to Anastasia?" she asked.
"She is having a bit of a holiday," I explained.
"When will the next book be out?"
"We have four books to go with Larry," I said.
"I know that! But when?"

At that point I did not know book 7 would be awaiting me on email when I arrived home.

I felt I had to say something so I let the cat out of the bag - well slightly. Today we had an offering from The Sound of Music. Yes my favourite musical she said and today I heard it in Welsh for the first time.

You will find something about The Sound of Music in the next Anastasia Book. In Welsh? She hoped for too much. No German.

Sorry I can say no more!

Await the publication of the ebook dear reader.

In the meantime do read Larry the Liger. What a Goddess Rachael Phillips is to me."

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