Monday, 1 July 2013

Being a child...

When I was a very, young child I always felt safe when with my mum,  I always marvelled at her confidence; the way she could talk to anyone, her ease at traversing around town, her unflappability and her efficiency to get things done.  I recall wanting to be just like her when I grew up.  I also remember she walked very, very fast and I would often listen for the 'click, click, clicking' of her stiletto heels to find her in a crowd!

I was always bored as a child, never knowing what to do with my time.  My mum would be creative at times and often sing songs like 'Oh, Rachael is a funny 'un, has a face like a pickled onion, a nose liked a squashed tomato, etc'!  And sometimes to cheer me up if I was sad she would get everyone to play instruments of pots and pans and wooden spoons... Our house was rarely quiet!

I recall crying if mum was leaving me because I felt I couldn't cope without her but I always did.  I suppose when writing about Larry I am remembering the fear of venturing out on your own as a child; desperate to experience new things but also afraid to not have your mum there to keep you safe.

This is where I understand Larry and how he would feel being a young, liger cub.  I remember that uncertainty and the desire to have someone show you the way.  Larry lacks the role model of a mum or dad as he was abandoned and this is why the mother hen is so important in the stories - she is the voice of reason and comfort.  Every child needs a bit of that and I was lucky enough to get lots of it from my mum and dad.

You can read Larry's latest adventure: Larry the Liger - the Magical Sport's Day, which has just been released!  It is a lovely story where we find Larry excited and nervous as he prepares for his first ever, school, Sport's Day.  When he gets the chance to use magic to help him Larry must face the consequences of his actions. 

As my eldest daughter's first, school, Sport's Day approached recently I felt inspired to write this story.  She did very well in her races and was proud to be part of a team.

I hope you love the latest story and with positive messages to encourage your children, what's not to like? 

Check it out here:

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