Wednesday, 26 June 2013

My first guest blog by a fantastic author: Mackenzie Brown. Check it out :)

I am very excited to host my very first author guest blog!  Mackenzie Brown is a published author hailing from Liverpool.  Read his post below and further information about Mackenzie with links below:

"I’m elated to announce that THE SHIFTING is now ready for re-release. It was my first published work and like most authors new to e-publishing I made a number of basic errors. I rushed to the gate like a crazed bull, failing to have my work properly proof read and formatted. It was only when I received a particularly nasty review last year, I decided to withdraw the book and endeavoured to put things right.

I can now confidently say the text is error free, as grammatically correct as I can make it and properly formatted. A lot of this is thanks to my new proof reader Lauren Prasad (@LaurenPrasad) who has worked painstakingly to get the text right.

The story begins when a ten year old boy who has been missing for almost ten years, turns up at a disused farm in Hertfordshire. He can’t remember where he has been for the last decade, or even recall his name, or why he hasn’t aged one day since his disappearance.  He only knows his life is in grave danger and in a race against time, he seeks to reconnect with his mother and avoid a group of paid assassins, who seek to silence him before his memory returns.
To coincide with the re-release The Shifting will be #Free for Kindle owners from Thursday 27th June until Midnight on Friday 28th June.

Mackenzie Brown
Mackenzie Brown was born and raised in Liverpool and from an early age always enjoyed making up stories.  He says: "I'm interested in many genres but I would not complain if I was referred to as a thriller writer. I enjoy writing fast paced stories that intend to grab the readers attention from the start.

To date, I have completed four novels, one of which remains unpublished. With the advent of e-books I have decided to take a deep breath and publish my work in e-book and paperback format and I am currently writing a sequel to The Shifting, I call The Burning and a series of detective stories set in Liverpool of the 1940s, featuring PI Vic Prince.

My personal hero is my grandfather Angus Mackenzie Brown, because he always lived his life with dignity despite what life threw at him, including incarceration in a Prisoner of War Camp in Italy, from which he escaped and lived to tell the tale.

My latest release is 'Lost Boys'. Delbert Walsh a world famous retired detective, yet borderline alcoholic; is on the hunt for a serial killer in 1970's Liverpool.

I'm happily married and have two fabulous daughters."
Don't miss out on getting your free download of The Shifting!  You can find out more about Mackenzie Brown at the following links:
Follow him on Twitter: @mackbrownbooks

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