Saturday, 27 July 2013

To mark the birth of the new Prince George...

It was so nice to finally hear the news of the names given to William and Kate's new baby son: George Alexander Louis and he was named pretty quickly too.

To mark the wonderful occasion of the birth of the new Prince George of Cambridge, and third in line to the throne, I am going back to the start of my journey and making the Anastasia Omnibus editions free!   

I began writing this blog after the first Anastasia stories were published on Amazon.  I had no idea at that time I would end up writing so many!  There are now over 30 Anastasia eBooks and 3 Omnibus editions of the Series!  A lot of work went into those stories and it's amazing to think just how Anastasia took over and changed my life!

The stories began as individual, short stories intended to be read as independent stories.  As more stories were written it became clear there was a lot of scope for the character of Anastasia, the young, horse riding detective.

In Series I we meet Anastasia and learn of her love of horses as she spends her summers at Boughton Lodge.  This is the start of her crime fighting adventures as she rides her horses through the Kent countryside, solving crimes and mysteries along the way.

In Series II Anastasia and her great friend Charlotte continue to solve crimes in the beautiful, Kent countryside and we learn more of who Anastasia really is.

In Series III a teenage Anastasia takes on some of the world's worst criminals.  Action packed adventures with insights into the worlds of people and drug trafficking, we learn even more about Anastasia with some amazing revelations.

Series I and II are aimed at 6 to 12 year olds and Series III is for 13 years upwards due to the content of those stories.

If somehow you missed these stories then why not take a look while they are free and see what you think.  Anastasia has a big following and is loved in countries around the world.  I hope you enjoy her journey; it's where my self publishing journey began. 

Anastasia Omnibus' of Series I, II and III are free from Monday 29th July through Friday 2nd August and are available in all Amazon territories.  The journey has begun...

Series I US

Series II UK

Series III UK

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