Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Fergus writes... about Larry the Liger

Larry the Liger seems to be a big hit in Japan, China and India.

A Japanese lady writes to me and asks how it all started.  Well let us not forget it is all about getting children reading.  Children must be literate and numerate.

If you are learning English from a foreign country then I can see Larry the Liger would be a big hit.

For those who have read the Anastasia books (number 30 is on its way) you may remember Anastasia saying she was a Liger - half lion and half tiger.  You may remember the helicopter conversations of Liger Cub to Papa Liger.

We are now doing a Larry the Liger series of ten.  They are aimed at children worldwide.

It is so important for parents to give children language skills.  Get them reading and encourage them to write their own stories.

Remember Larry the Liger is a children's story.  That is for children up to 90 years old!

Fergus Wilson

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