Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Coming soon - Anastasia Sheer Elegance, Anastasia Series IV

Well it's been a long time coming but I have been working on it for a few months and have finally completed the first story in Anastasia Series IV - Sheer Elegance.

It became clear as I was writing that it was going to take more than a short story to introduce new characters and reintroduce characters from previous series so this first story will actually be two; Anastasia Sheer Elegance, Part One and Anastasia Sheer Elegance, Part Two.

The first book will lead into the teenage detectives' first crime to solve in this new Anastasia series.  Anastasia teams back up with her old friend Charlotte and it's like they've never been apart.  I didn't realise how much I missed the crime fighting duo and the way they interact with one another; great friends for life.

Anastasia leaves behind the gun toting of Series III to pursue her other ambitions in life.  She will still be looking out for trafficked babies, fear not, but not in such an active capacity.  In this series Anastasia has a whole new team around her and whole new set of crimes and mysteries to solve. 

I have loved introducing new characters and each one has their own distinctive personality that you will both love and love to hate.  I also learned a lot while researching for this story; all about fashion, designers and being on the receiving end of the press.  It's been quite a journey, as it should be, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

It's great that writing still provides me with some magic and I hope to share some of that with you in every book I write.  If you fancy sharing your thoughts by way of reviews then I would very much welcome that too :)

The journey continues...

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