Friday, 1 June 2012

Free ebook promotion to mark the Queen's Diamond Jubilee

Well I have decided to honour the Queen's Diamond Jubilee by running a free ebook promotion on Amazon for the next 5 days.  Four of my stories will be free and I am excited and interested to see what will happen.  Hopefully there will be lots of downloads and people will be excited by the characters and want to read more!  I can hope! 

I can't believe how many stories I have written and the first two are very short introductions to the characters before their adventures begin properly.  The books started out as a girl having adventures on horseback and then she makes a friend.  Then the fun starts and they end up starting Kent's own mounted, police force.  They meet lots of characters along the way who help them, or sometimes hinder them, in solving the crimes and mysteries of Kent.

A lot of research has gone into Series I and II and I have learnt a lot along the way, just as Anastasia has.  Our Royal family has a long and, sometimes, dark history.  As I said before, having some relevance to history makes it much more interesting to me and I have been surprised by some of my discoveries.

Queen Victoria passed on the Curse of the Romanov's; haemophilia.  It was often known as the 'Royal Disease' for this reason and because of the way our Royals married the illness was passed through the Royals of Russia, Spain and Germany.  Anastasia Romanov's mother was a granddaughter of Queen Victoria and her father, Tsar Nicholas II was a cousin of King George V.  All so linked and who knows how many of them carry the Curse of the Romanov's?

If you wanted to download the books for free then it's very easy.  If you have a Kindle then it's a simple download or, if not, then you can download the free Kindle reader for your PC, mobile, iphone, ipad, etc. in the Kindle Store.  The books that are free for the next 5 days are: Anastasia and the Horses of Boughton Lodge (free until Tues) Anastasia and the Mounted Regal Rescue (free until Wed) Anastasia and the White Lady Mist (free until Tues) Anastasia and the Imperial Horsemen (free until Tues)

If you download them I hope you enjoy them.  Please leave an honest review on Amazon as it will be interesting to know what people thought of them.

We have bought some red, white and blue clothes and accessories for the Jubilee weekend and Ella is very excited about it all. It should be lots of fun and will be nice to see the nation come together in celebration. 

Happy Jubilee weekend and flag waving everyone!

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