Wednesday, 6 June 2012

A great few days

Well the Jubilee celebrations are over and we had a great time.  Ella loved it all and it kicked off with a procession from Wickham Common School which went past our house.  As I was taking photos I had a flashback to the Silver Jubilee when I was four years old and I realised I was the same age Ella is now for the Diamond Jubilee!  Amy stood and waved to every single person passing by which was very sweet to see.  She loved it although will never remember it at her age. 

We all donned our red, white and blue clothing and I wore some jubilee flip flops; not quite so 'fun' in the rain!  We went to the fair at the nearby recreation ground and park on Saturday and both girls enjoyed the sounds and sights of the fair.  We had hot dogs when we got home with our giant inflatable Nemo!  Jason did well hooking that duck!  Sadly the weather was not great Sunday so we didn't get as long there.  We had some trips out and did lots of fun things with the girls. 

Ella should remember the Jubilee weekend for the rest of her life as I remember the Silver Jubilee celebrations very clearly.  It was fantastic to see the whole community come together to celebrate the Queen's 60 years.  The Queen must have been exhausted after long days of pomp and pageantry but I'm sure she loved the immense support that was there for her.  Long live the Queen!

My ebook promotion went really well and three of the four free ebooks are back to normal price today.  One is still free, Anastasia and the Mounted Regal Rescue, so I will look at the download numbers more closely tomorrow.  I have been impressed by the interest in Anastasia and intrigued by where the interest is from.  It seems Anastasia has a lot of support in America, as does my blog, along with UK, Russia, Germany, Australia, Canada and France.  It's appropriate that someone as multicultural as Anastasia has a multicultural following!  Thanks for all the support so far on my journey - it's quite amazing and shows that hard work pays off.

I am writing Series III now and have completed two stories so far.  These are longer, around 10,000 words, and move away from the children's genre into a teen, young adult market however I can see adults really enjoying these stories too.  Anastasia becomes fully involved in her role as Private Detective and is fearless; a force to be reckoned with. 

The next story is about the American Royal Family (yes you read that correctly!) and Anastasia is suffering badly with the Curse of the Romanov's: haemophilia.  I will write more about this on another blog soon but keep your eyes peeled as Series III will be coming to Amazon soon.

Long live the Queen.  Long live community spirit.  Long live Anastasia Romanov, if the Romanov Curse doesn't get to her first! 

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