Friday, 17 July 2015

Flying high with emotion!

Hi all.  This is a quick post as it is an emotional, and busy, day today!  My youngest daughter leaves her Preschool so I will shortly be attending her Leavers' Ceremony.  I am donning large sunglasses to hide evidence of blubbing!  I can't believe this chapter in Amy's life is over....

I wanted to remind you all that the first book in the Things with... series is free from today!  It is free until 21st July so please download a copy.  You can download a free Kindle reading App if you don't own an e-reading device and it is great for downloading books, magazines and all sorts of things!

Things with Wings is an illustrated rhyming book with extra things with wings to find on each page.  

The series is lovely and designed to encourage your child to engage with the world around them.  Reading is wonderful and sharing a picture book with your child is priceless.  I hope you enjoy your free read.

I am off now to get emotional.  Wish me luck!...

Things with Wings:
and all other Amazon territories.

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