Monday, 13 July 2015

Come fly with me... for free!

It is a busy time, what with preparations for holidays, the end of school year collections, arranging final play dates and attempting to get done all those things that may prove challenging with the littlies at home for over six weeks!

It is hard to believe another school year is coming to an end.  Even my 7 year old thinks it went quickly!  What a great age to be with the excitement of juniors to look forward to, and for my 4 year old the start of school in September.  They are both very excited.  I have been extremely organised this year and bought all the uniform in readiness for September.  I now have the joyful task of name-labelling each and every garment...

To mark the end of the school year, the start of a well earned break for all those children and hardworking teachers, and the release of Things with Eyes, I am running a free eBook promotion of the first book in the Things with... series, Things with Wings.

Things with Wings will be free to download from Amazon from Friday 17th July through Tuesday 21st July 2015!  This rhyming book will encourage children to engage with the world around them.  There are lovely illustrations and an extra thing with wings to find on each page!  A great book to share on long journeys and when you are in need of a positive distraction for your children.  Trust me, I know how hard travelling with children can be!  A loaded up tablet, kindle or smart phone can help immensely as part of your holiday activities and travel distractions.  The links can be found below.  If you would like to share this promotion I would really appreciate it!

I hope you have some lovely things planned for the school holidays and I hope I have helped a little to keep your children amused.  Happy reading and enjoy your journey into the Things with... series, for free!

Things with Wings:
and all other Amazon territories.

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