Monday, 24 June 2013

Fergus writes... about Ascot and the Epic

"Davina from Baltimore writes to ask whether I saw the Queen’s horse winning the Ascot Gold Cup and whether the whole country is celebrating? She says she has read The Epic 27 times and it is the best book ever written and wants to know when she will hear more of Anastasia.

Well Davina. I saw the Queen’s filly win the Ascot Gold Cup a couple of days ago. I was absolutely delighted as I am sure was everyone in Britain. You have read The Epic 26 times more than I have so you must be an expert! I agree it is the best book ever written. So emotionally draining!

I am sure you will hear more about Anastasia but at present Rachael is tied up with Larry the Liger. Between the two of us I think Rachael is in love with Larry!

Rachael has six Larry stories under her belt and 31 Anastasia stories so we are approaching 40 in total. Whether Rachael reverts to Anastasia or writes another series of ten Larry stories we will have to wait and see.

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