Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Tick tock, tick tock, tick tock... the new story

Tick tock, tick tock, tick tock, tick tock....

Where is the time going?  It may be yet another symptom of getting more 'mature' but if you stop for a few of those ticky tocky seconds you will realise seconds are actually a lot slower than we all think.  You only have to watch The Cube on UK tv to realise that when faced with a game estimating so many seconds the contestants always go tooooooo fast.  We are on permanent rush mode these days it seems or is it yet another reminder of my age!  I recall endless summer holidays wondering if I would ever go back to school - time seemed to drag by soooo slowly...

The passage of time is a biggie for me at the moment because I seem to have constant reminders of how quickly time is passing.  I have a big birthday coming up; my eldest daughter, Ella, is not far off starting in Year 1, her second year at school; and my youngest daughter, Amy, will begin pre-school in September.

Where did the time go?  Time clearly waits for no man, woman or child.  We must keep up! 

I have now written five Larry the Liger stories.  Yes, there is a brand new one which has just been released.  This one is a special one because it was inspired by my daughter, Ella.  When asked what I should write about in a Larry the Liger story Ella suggested 'going to school'.  What a great suggestion! 

Each Larry the Liger stories deals with issues young children face in life and starting school is such an obvious one that I wish I'd thought of it myself!  Yes, Larry finally has the experience all children do (well they should at least!) of starting at a new school.

When I write about Larry something magical happens and I actually feel like I did as a young child.  I recall how simple things were and how so many things, that are small to an adult, are great, big, massive things to a small child.  This is something every grown up should remember.  Children listen and listen very well, despite how they may demonstrate otherwise.  It is so important to remember and to empathise.

The reason I love Larry, and I am so very happy to say so many others love him too, is that he embraces life and wants to be a good, liger cub.  All children want to please and it is so important to encourage that positive, behavioural trait.

So what happens in The New School, Larry's fifth adventure?  Well Larry starts school and is so excited he ignores any comments from Chloe the cat to make him feel otherwise.  Things don't go as he expected and Larry finds himself facing unknown issues in a strange place.  There are lots of new animals and creatures to help Larry settle into school and this is a very positive story which reinforces good behaviour in children. 

This story is great for children everywhere and not just those starting school but those facing any changes in life.  It deals with facing new experiences, making new friends and supporting others, to name but a few.

I really hope you like Larry the Liger - the New School.  It is inspired by a child and will hopefully be loved by all ages everywhere.

Happy reading everyone and stop occasionally to watch those seconds: enjoy your time out :)

Larry the Liger - the New School:

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