Friday, 4 March 2016

A treat in time for Easter!

Things are looking brighter and I am so pleased to see sunshine today in West Wickham.  It has been so cold during Winter and the sun is warm and very welcome.  I have said before how Spring is my most favourite season; with new growth comes the hope that the year will get better and better. I simply cannot wait for Spring to be fully sprung!

Easter is early this year and children everywhere are very excited about a visit from the Easter Bunny - supermarkets and local shops have piles of eye catching Easter Eggs everywhere.  I'm sure they have probably been there for weeks but I am only just recently noticing them because for the last week or so I have been very focussed on Easter...

In 2013 a new story was added to the Larry the Liger series: the Easter Liger.  I love this story, and I love them all, but in this story there is a message about not judging people or animals without getting to know them and I think even grown ups will benefit from the message...

I am so proud of the Larry the Liger series; each story is poignant to me and has elements of things I felt as a child.  Larry the Liger is half lion and half tiger and, despite his size, is a liger cub.  Like human cubs, animals have to find their feet and this is harder still for Larry as he was abandoned outside a Zoo so doesn't benefit from being around his natural parents or peers.

I wrote a lot in the couple of years around publishing the Easter Liger as the words were well and truly flowing.  I hear of singers forgetting the lyrics of their songs and I totally relate!  A few weeks ago my Kindle had to be reset and I was pleased when all my eBooks were recovered.  I noticed Larry the Liger - the Easter Liger in my books list.  He jumped out at me, his cover was so bright and cheerful.  So I decided to have a read...

This is going to sound a bit strange but as I read I found myself really enjoying the story.  I know - I wrote it right?  But 2013 seems such a long time ago and I had forgotten all the magic and love that went into the stories.  I felt prouder still of Larry and how far he had come in his journey throughout the series; a remarkable liger cub who has taught me a thing or two!  Hopefully he can bring you and your children some joy too...

The eBooks are all selling incredibly well and the Easter Liger has enjoyed a recent surge in sales.  This book is Number 9, as I write, in the Kindle Children's chart in the Zoos category.  So we decided to put it into print.  The only other Larry the Liger story in print is the Winter Surprise and we are looking forward to seeing how the Easter Liger will be received in print format.

I am really pleased to share the links with you below along with a review, and Larry the Liger - the Easter Liger is available in both paperback and eBook formats on all Amazon territories.  It is a lovely story with an unwilling Easter Bunny and a very willing Liger... Happy reading and maybe this year a healthy gift will be on the cards for your children?  Happy reading.  The Spring journey has begun....

Larry the Liger - the Easter Liger:

and all other territories

Praise for the Easter Liger:  

By E.L.S. on 8 April 2013
Charming, charming, charming, charming! Even now, I'm smiling just thinking about this sweet story. It's absolutely adorable!

Told in a very English voice, the adventure begins with Larry meeting an unusual animal with long ears and a white fluffy tail that he had spied hiding in a hedge. He learns that his new friend, Rory, is called a rabbit and is an escapee from the Easter Market Farmyard, where loud children covered in sticky chocolate pick him up and pet him, dirtying with his beautiful, soft fur. Larry is justly horrified. When Rory is captured and returned to the dreadful Easter Market Farmyard, Larry plots a rescue.

This is a perfect book to read with a young child, as I'm sure the other Larry the Liger books are, too. In fact, as I was reading this story-- wearing that big smile-- I'd stop periodically to share funny excerpts with my family. Though it is a charming tale (did I mention it's charming?), like any quality children's literature, there is a lesson. In this particular story, the lesson is tolerance and appreciating the differences between us all.

Goes without saying, I highly recommend Larry the Liger. This series will be a great addition to your child's bookshelf.

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