Friday, 20 March 2015

It's got legs... (what solar eclipse?)

Hooray! I am finally back on my writing horse and am working on new things (literally!) which is wonderful.  I think I have been in hibernation this winter.  The sights of daffodils and blossom have awakened me.  Spring is my most favourite season, especially when it is sunny.  Not the best day to expect sunshine what with the eclipse and all that.  Sadly West Wickham decided not to take part and filled the sky with clouds instead!  It's a shame as I slept through the last one in 1999 (heavy night..slept in...those were the days).   Apparently it looked a bit like this!

Bring on the new growth I say.  My girls are shooting up much like the flora of the season.  They continue to get bigger and before I know it September will be here and my youngest will be starting school.  What will I do with all those extra hours?  Well, I will write, write, write and continue my seasonal work at a local school.  I am not one to sit back, wondering what I should be doing, so I imagine I will end up embroiled in a new challenge to fill any gaps.

For now I will continue to work on my 'Things with...' series of which there are now 3 books!  Things with Wings, Things with Wheels and now Things with Legs are all available on Amazon.  Things with Legs is coming soon in print too.

I love the illustrations Des creates: I am very thankful I found him.  And to think it all started with Larry the Liger.  He is a talent and a very patient man!  I think this book is the first where I have not had issues with formatting the book ready for publication.  Each new series brings with it new challenges and lots to learn.  I am pleased I have persevered with it all.  I hope Des is too!

Des is currently preparing the illustrations for Things with Eyes which I am really looking forward to seeing (pardon the pun).  Then it will be a complete series, however I may consider producing more if they prove popular.  Sales are steady and borrows have increased which is a sign of the uptake of Amazon Prime.  I am happy the books are out there and are being read.  It's always fab to hear feedback and a girl at Ella's school loves to tell me, every time she sees me, that her younger sister loves hearing her read Things with Wings aloud.  They enjoy looking for the extra thing with wings in each picture.

Engage them in books young, I say, and be happy you have helped your little ones understand the world around them a little more.  Amy is preparing herself for school it seems by wanting to write words, and her joy when she reads a word she knows is contagious.  I guess there was little chance I wouldn't have two avid readers on my hands!

Spring is here and it's official after 28th March weekend when our clocks will 'spring forward' in the UK.  I am looking forward to more daylight and, hopefully, lots of vitamin D.  Bring on the spring journey....

Things with Legs:
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