Wednesday, 27 November 2013

A winter surprise

Fergus writes:
"What is the collective noun for a Group of Ligers? 
I wish I knew!
Larry was lonely in Rachael’s latest A Winter Surprise with no siblings to keep him company. I think I’ll ask Rachael? What do you think? Is it a Pride of Ligers? No that’s Lions. Is it a Society of Ligers?
It is becoming contagious. I find myself say 'My father is a Scot and my mother English! I am British!' 
Well, Fergus you are right Larry does indeed feel a little alone in the upcoming release, The Winter Surprise.  His friends are all preparing to have their long sleep and Larry wonders who he will play with.  There is a surprise in store though and everyone will have to download the ebook to find out what happens.
As for a group of ligers: some say a pride, some say a streak or ambush, however I have decided that for Larry, should he ever find others like him, it will be called a legion of ligers.  What does everyone else think?
Larry the Liger - the Winter Surprise is coming soon and is full of seasonal wonder for you and your little ones.  Here is a sneak preview of the new cover :)

Enjoy the journey...

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  1. Fergus writes: "Well I am all for a Legion of Ligers. Yes it sounds right! I think Rachael will have to contact the Oxford Dictionary and have the collective noun added. It sounds a bit foreign to me but I am all for that. A Roman Legion in Britain. The Foreign Legion in North Africa. A mile was a mille or 1,000 legionnaires strides. Will a mile now be 1,000 of Larry’s steps?"