Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Fergus responds... and recent reviews of Larry the Liger

There have been two reviews so far for Larry the Liger - The New Home and both are very much appreciated.  They are both great reviews.  One is a 5 star and, one, a 3 star.  Some of the points raised in the 3 star review are responded to below by Fergus to explain for others who may have wondered the same things :)

"Peggy A writes: 'This story is cute.  It is about a Liger (a hybrid mix between a tiger and a lion) that is trying to fit in.  The underlying message is good and the cover illustration is nice too.  The story was translated into English, and it needs some minor editorial corrections as well as some corrections for verb tenses.  I would expect a children's book to have illustrations so I've deducted one star from the rating.'

I am glad you enjoyed the story.  It was actually written in English Language by Rachael and myself.  I take your point about illustrations but we were keen to get it on sale quickly.  Illustrations can always be added later.

There are nine further ebooks in the Series.  We aim to get children writing stories, not necessarily about Ligers.  Numeracy and Literacy are still the basics of a sound education.

Children all over the world are learning English as a second language and we just hope and pray the stories will help them develop their English Language skills.

When William Blake wrote The Tiger I doubt whether any mad Maharaja had conceived a Liger or Hilaire Belloc had conceived Ponto in his poem Jim.

Tiger, tiger burning bright
In the forests of the night

Who ran away from his Nurse and was eaten by a Lion.


The following review is from Wee:
"5.0 out of 5 stars A great read that children will enjoy 11 Dec 2012
Format:Kindle Edition

I downloaded this free book after it was recommended to me by a friend to read when I next visit my niece. The book is an enjoyable read regardless of your age. The writer has created a phrase regarding the liger not being a lion or a tiger, cheetah or a panther which stays jn your mind long after you have finished reading the book. A great read that children wills enjoy."
Please add your reviews when you get the chance.  They are a pleasure to read and really help potential buyers know if it is the book for them to download for their children. 
Many thanks for the huge support with the recent free promotion.  Larry is being read worldwide and I am sure each and every reader will love him as much as I do :)


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