Thursday, 11 October 2012

The ups and downs of the rollercoaster ride called life

Where has the time gone?!  I have been neglecting my blog and social networking because I don't seem to have much time lately.  Admittedly I have hosted a couple of play dates and Amy has activities three mornings of the week but I honestly thought now Ella is at school until 3pm I would have more time to get things done.  Apparently not!

I have been writing less, possibly from burn out from writing so much until now or maybe because I have had too much else on.  I'm not sure.  We've been spending more time together as a family and had a great trip to Chessington World of Adventures Saturday and we all had a great time.  We were very lucky to go for free as when you book online Chessington offers a rainy day guarantee so if it rains for an hour or more on the day of your visit then you get to return for free!  So on my birthday in May we went and it did indeed rain... all day.  Soaked may not describe how wet we were but our rain coats got a good testing that's for sure.  Glad to say it was dry Saturday and no wet weather to dampen things down.

I did email Chessington before we went, to double check the rainy day offer would be honoured at the gates, and they replied: "We are delighted to confirm it did rain all day on your last visit"!  It did make me laugh that they were so delighted that our visit in May was a wash out!  It seems the girls are going to share their parents love of fast, white-knuckle rides - nothing phased them so far.  I love the feeling you get on a fast ride.  The lurching of my stomach as the pirate ship tilts to practically vertical, the rush from the speed as the runaway train launches itself around the tracks and the thrill of sharing adrenaline fuelled hysterics with those around you. 

Sadly though life is like a roller coaster: there are amazing, thrilling and exhilarating moments but... they can't last forever.  Like anything in this world, what goes up must come down and I suppose I am of an age where I will have to face increasing downs as I face losing those dear to me. 

Things with my Dad have progressed and it's been a wake up call that he is indeed ill.  Don't get me wrong-we hadn't forgotten but I guess as he seemed to be coping ok we put it to the backs of our minds.  I also think we were all hoping that somehow it wasn't real.  Recent news that his Mesothelioma has spread to his lymph nodes means a renewed realisation that we are going to lose him.  And once again there is that awful ticking clock hovering over us because we don't know how long he has left. 

Dad has started radiotherapy and hopefully it will ease his pain and prolong his life.  We are going back to visit in half term, in a couple of weeks time, as I am desperate to spend time with my parents; it's hard being miles away from them.  We are renting a lovely cottage on a farm not far from them so hopefully Dad will be up to the trip to visit us there and spend some time in the countryside.  He'll love it.

So I have decided that I am going to spend this weekend completing the final story in Anastasia Series III, which is as yet unnamed.  It will be a good distraction from things I can't control.  This story will be a mixture of action and emotion which seems a fitting reflection of my current emotional state!  Anastasia will be ridding the world of more criminals before she begins new adventures in Anastasia Series IV.  Series IV will bring a change of focus and direction for the young Empress as she pursues new ventures.  I am looking forward to completing Anastasia's adventures in Series III and beginning her new journey in Series IV.

India now has and since they have had access to Amazon I have had increased downloads and borrows.  Great news.  Thank you to everyone who is downloading and reading about Anastasia's adventures.  Please leave a review and share the things you liked about the stories when you get chance. 

Well, it is almost time to collect Ella from school so I need to wake Amy up ready for our long (5 minute!) walk. 

The journey has truly begun... enjoy the ride.


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